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      About aalyah Gutierrez Family

      Rey Mysterio (WWE) and Angie Gutierrez have a younger daughter named aalyah gutierrez, as well as an older brother named Dominik Mysterio. Her family has always been surrounded by celebrities and has always been the center of attention. Aalyah’s family has always been about the wrestling idea. Her father joined the wrestling tournaments professionally at just the age of 14, in 1989. He trained with his uncle who helped him become what he is today.

      Actually, his uncle, Miguel Ángel López Díaz, was also a professional wrestler, who struggled in his early days. But after earning some money from wrestling tournaments, he started his own school where many professional wrestlers joined to be taught under him. One of them was his nephew, Rey Mysterio. david nehdar He was really lucky to get trained alongside some of the greatest wrestlers of that time, like Extreme Tiger and Ruby Gardenia.

      At the age of 14, Rey started professional wrestling. He was then chosen to take part in WWE, where he got famous because of his athletic skills. He was always a sneaky one, and no one could catch him easily.

      He is married to Angie Gutierrez, a beautiful partner for sure. She was really supportive of his profession. Soon, the couple had kids, first was a son, Dominik Mysterio, and the second was a daughter, Aalyah Gutierrez.