Philippines Vs Thailand | Exploring language, food and business opportunities  


    The cultural differences of countries affect and matter a lot. These may vary with language, culture, and financial stability too. When it comes to Thailand and the Philippines, these countries often share similarities on a broader scale. The Philippines and Thai languages vary broadly. These have a few similarities and more differences.

    Investing and living in Asia could be a different thing compared to living in Europe or North America. People have different choices and priorities. The marketing norms are also not the same. Translation services are also significant to tap both markets. For instance, in the Philippines,  Makati is a popular city and people can establish networks there and accomplish their business goals, however, it is not possible without hiring services from a professional translation agency.


    Filipino language

    Filipino comes from an Austronesian language family and happens to be the national language of the Philippines and shares the status of the co-official language of the Philippines with English. Filipino is often mixed with the Tagalog language. It is considered a standardized variety of Tagalog based on the native dialect and written and spoken narratives.

    The sentence structure which Filipino follows is verb-subject-object and interestingly subject-verb-object order is also followed in some situations.

    • More than 82 million people speak this language.
    •  It comprises 9 parts of speech and is a pitch accent language.

    The Filipino language is a favorite among both. People from the US or other English-speaking countries can easily get adjusted considering people in the Philippines are quite proficient in the English language. It is easy to communicate there and exchange ideas. However, for business opportunities, they have to seek Filipino translation services so that they can strike the right balance with native speakers.

    Thai language

    The Thai language belongs to the Kra Dai language family. It is the only official language of Thailand. Also, it is the most spoken language in Thailand. As per historians, half of the vocabulary is taken from the Pali and Sanskrit languages.

    • Thai is a tonal and analytic language.
    • This language has around 69 million speakers.

    Sentence order in the Thai language is subject-verb-object. Although, the subject is mostly omitted. Moreover, this is worth mentioning that Thai is an isolating language and doesn’t share much of its roots with other languages. Moreover, besides the language, the culture of Thailand ranks quite higher on the index of the list of cultures.

    When it is compared with English it is not as commonly spoken in Thailand as in the Philippines. Although English is the second language of Thailand. Therefore for speakers of the English language, it gets tough to communicate even if they are on vacation or visiting there for business purposes.

    Business opportunities


    Thailand is a commercial country and it has been a favorite place on the list of tourists for decades now. It offers great destinations to visit. It is a multicultural country where people from different languages and ethnicities exist. International businesses can easily conduct research in the country before launching their operations. However, they will have to check for the main products which may get received better as compared to others. Thai translation services are evident to conduct research and analyze the business market. It is also vital to know the target audience.

    The most successful industries in Thailand include

    1. The food industry is interestingly the most successful industry in the country.
    2. The travel and tourism sector is also flourishing more than ever.
    3. Textile industry
    4. Jewelry designs and development
    5. Rubber industry


    Philipines is equally popular among tourists. People who travel occasionally do consider some destinations from the Philippines too. Since this country exists in the Pacific Ocean, it has exotic beaches. Other popular destinations are Manila, Boracay, and Cebu city among others.

    As for business opportunities, business owners should hire a local translation agency for professional Filipino translation services and conduct a thorough survey to understand the flourishing industries in the Philippines well.

    A few of the businesses which work well in the country include

    1. Real estate industry
    2. Construction industry
    3. E-commerce industry
    4. Tourism industry
    5. IT, BPO, and business industries


    Thai Cuisine

    The food industry in Thailand is the most successful and Thai cuisine is famous all over the world.

    The five best dishes of the region include

    1. Guay Teow is commonly known as noodles soup and is quite popular all over the world.
    2. Tom Kha Gai is another dish in which chicken is cooked with coconut and soup is presented.
    3. Tom Yum Goong is spicy shrimp soup.
    4. Som Tam is another hot-selling dish which is a dish comprising spicy green papaya salad.
    5. Laab is another popular kind of salad that is quite spicy.

    People coming from different corners of the world should be checking for the ingredients and other features to make sure they don’t consume something they are allergic to. Professional Thai translation services can help to get through this.

    Food in Philippines

    The food variety in the Philippines is also vast and people enjoy ints cuisine and try new dishes which are not commonly available in their countries.

    Five of these are

    1. Adobo
    2. Lechon
    3. Sisig
    4. Crispy Pata
    5. Chicken inasal

    Final words

    Thailand and the Philippines differ from each other in terms of food, language, and business opportunities. Though coming from the same continent that is Asia, they share a lot of similarities too. A foodie might like to invest in Thailand considering the rich variety of food, however, hiring a good translation solution is evident for tapping the Thai and Philippine markets.

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