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    Many people believe that it becomes more and more difficult to make friends as we grow older. One of the reasons can be people get busy in their life, have to deal with more important things, pay bills, save money for the future, etc. They don’t realize that there are more important things in life that they should do for themselves.

    Luckily, we live in the digital age where many apps and gadgets get things done and make things possible for us. A single tap on the screen can help you travel around the world, introduce you to new people, get information within your grasp, etc. Likewise, it is now possible for people to get in touch with like-minded individuals in any part of the world and know more about them.

    All you need to do is get yourself a reliable internet service like Spectrum Internet and download a social media app from the App Store – here are some of the best internet plans and bundles by Spectrum. Keeping this in mind, you can select from the following apps and connect with people around you.

    Meetup: Local groups & events

    The app lets you discover people you want to be with and things you would love to do in life. You can find more than 50 million people online, meet them in person and build your network. You can find people who want to create a career network, pursue their passion, find a community of tech geeks, etc.

    The app also lets you join an ongoing meetup event or host an event of your own every week. This can be a tech conference, free yoga class, or anything else.

    You can explore events according to category, popularity, or keyword and save them to revisit later. Also, you can send and receive direct messages to users or engage yourself in a meaningful discussion as well.

    App Store Rating: 4.8

    Yubo: Make new friends

    This a social platform that is home to people with a friendly attitude and uses live streaming and authentic interactions to communicate. You can find a new friend using the app based on your interests, local community, or location that can be anywhere in the world.

    The app is free to use and has some cool features like YouTube Streaming where you can share different funny moments with your friends. The app has the Snap Lenses feature that lets you try out new filters and share a different look with your friends or use them during live streaming.

    Besides this, the chat feature of the app lets you chat with new people and reconnect with old ones. Other useful features of the app make communication more effective for you.

    App Store Rating: 4.6

    Bumble – Dating. Friends. Bizz

    The app lets you come across millions of people who want to make new friends, build valuable relationships, and connect with people around the world. It has made making friends easier and changed the perception of online dating. This relentless effort and dedication resulted in the popularity of the app among people who find it useful to establish connections and build relationships.

    The app lets you use the Bumble Date mode and the Bumble BFF mode where women make the first move making the app a respectful place for women. Also, it helps them find meaningful relationships and expand their friends’ circle easily.

    App Store Rating: 4.2

    Wink – make new friends

    The app is one of the best places to make some new friends throughout the world and get into interesting conversations with your new best friend. You can explore the app to find different people by swiping through new faces locally and from different parts of the world. You can easily view their profiles to know more about them. There are tons of profiles that share a common interest like yours.

    It is a good idea to have a chat with them using the app’s fast and safe chat/messaging features. You can send and receive GIFs, and audio messages. Besides this, users with verified accounts can use the app to make audio and video calls as well.

    The app lets you earn gems that you can spend to purchase a new background for your profile or click the back arrow if you have missed a potential profile. Wink is an easy-to-use and secure place with clear community guidelines that makes it more respectful and friendly for the users.

    App Store Rating: 4.5


    In the end, one can say that there are so many apps out there that can help you find new friends online. These apps are safe to use and help their users find the best matches and friends for themselves. Also, many of these apps are free to use and have user-friendly interfaces that make using them a pleasant experience for the users.

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